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Same thing listed above happend to me. Received a vm from NY number. They called again about a week later saying to call 253-245-3159.

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I rceived the same phone call this morning

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Write a report...

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Same as above comments - never seen it before. I think it's a virus in itself. I simply closed my browser without clicking on anything. I have really good virus protection and my computer would have blocked it.

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It a scam , some one trying to get personal info!! Dont even anserw! Why can't people get real jobs!!!!

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Likes to call restaurants to order things and turns out to be a no show!When calling back refuses to get on the phone.

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Someone called and upon answering, hung up.

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Write a report...

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hang up too

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Someone called from 651-318-3799, when answered it was silent.

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Text scammer

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Spam - Advertising

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ID says HBW. Absolutely the peskiest of ALL callers we've ever had. Been calling for years. Will take phone off hook for a day or two and they will always be the first to call. Never answered and never will.

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Really ?! The IRS is going to sue me????!!!!!

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The guy who called me from this number says he is Lucas Asheton and he says he's from Belgium originally and is working in Nigeria. He wants personal information and says he's going to send money and when it arrives, to send so much back. It's a scam and they won't quit calling.

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I keep getting calls from this number saying,"Hello, My name is Jennifer from holiday cruise letting you know that you have been awarded a free cruise to the Bahamas. A to regain your vacation package is simply call us back from the number showing on your caller ID, and one of our crews Specialist will be happy to assist you. Thanks and Have a great day."

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Don't know who this is but called my personal cell phone before 7am in the morning! Whoever would conduct any business, solicited or unsolicited, at that hour! Didn't leave a message. I'm certain that it's some kind of scam.

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these people called me and over and over again but no voicemail.

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They call a hundred times and never leave a voicemail

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Was it a hispanic looking woman from cali or somewhere? Did same thing to me.

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Some recoded message, just hung up. Called back to tell them stop harassing us and a girl answered after 10 rings was all broken up then went to a fast busy signal. Phone number shows 954-271-8852 and address info to that number shows 2118 Adams St, Hollywood, FL 33020 as the owner of the place making these phone calls.

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I got a call says he is investigator Frank Snyder....see he a court summons for me and I choose to resolve this matter to call 8324467544... if they do here from me within 48 hours...he would be out with the local sheriff to serve me personally...

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Received call from 253-245-3159 on Tues 1/27/2015. Filed a complaint with the state attorney general's office. They probably won't do anything, but it made me feel better!

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Hang up

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Received a call from 262-209-1204. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a voice mail. I'm really tired of this number calling my cell phone

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Caller hangs up when call goes to voice mail.

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I keep getting a text from this number and its leaving an address but nothing else.

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I agrre with message above. I called back, said they would look up number, another girl got on, maybe thought I was younger and not easy to scam, said they're looking for a steve ramano. I've had my cell nuber for over 10 years. scam

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Get my ****ing number off this page

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someone called from this number claiming that he is calling from IRS.

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Jason lipavsky 6308546616

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Just got a call from them, did not answer and they did not leave a voice mail.

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dead air, wish them the same!

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This is a recording saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit. 727-492-5637

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keep getting calls from this number

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I received a call from this phone today but no body was there.

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Received call today, stating this was the IRS and I was being sued

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non stop phone calls from this number with no one on line. perhaps a fax machine.when i call back- there is a busy signal. no exaggerating non stop.

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I got a call from "investigator" shabazz with the Albany county legal service saying to call (832) 446-7544 and resolve the problem or get served papers at my job or workplace

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I received a call from 919-249-2515 stating that I was a person of interest in a very important matter, and to consider myselt served.

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Received this voicemail 2015-01-26:"Hello we have been trying to reach you. This call is officially and finally notice from IRS Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file. Please call immediately on our department number 253-245-3159. I repeat the number 253-245-3159. Thank you."

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number keeps calling

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called me last night saying, "honey, don't you remember me? you said you wanted to talk things out." I knew it was a prank and said, "um...OK, have fun with that" and hung up.

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Same as above. Total pain in the neck. And these things are never taken care of on the mobile phone.

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Keep calling me and hanging up

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Received a call from 414-326-9237 at 1:32 PM on 01/23/2015, the CNAM read CHILDRENS CANCE. We have been receiving calls from this number on and off for a couple of years. A little research suggests the calls are originating from the following "TeleFundraising" firm:Associated Community Services29777 Telegraph Rd STE 3000Southfield, MI 48034-7634

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Black female who responds to this phone number is a ****, who sells her body for money and she robbed my friend....

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