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They request locksmith service to contact to the person in the address 154 wyndbrook Dr. But the house owner don't need any service.

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Will not stop calling. Don't know who this is. Harassing me.

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It's 5 and 10 confirming your reservation

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Same bullshit as the three complaints before me. Beware Scammer!!!!!

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This person is claiming to have met me on a website I have never been and keeps trying to get me to call him. Its some sort of scam, I'm just not sure what.

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SMS claiming to be google verification code, when none was requested.

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Called at midnight!!!!! Did not answer....

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They left a voice mail message and said they were from the state of Florida Office mrs so called Becky Hall, 352-247-2988 Accusing and arrest threat if I dint call asap. They also contacted my other family members and threatened them If I dint comply with them asap Liers, for sure I don't know any thing about this. I have no idea and will not call them for sure

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I think it might be for colleges but it doesn't say. No message left. When I call number no one answers.

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This is a great company helping homeowners save there homes with ZERO complaints and plenty of references ...

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TeX messages

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Keep getting calls from this number. When calling back, no answer or not working.

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2 rings.. apparently hung-up.

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calls my phone everyday, never leaves messages. lowlife thugs for sure.

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"student loan forgiveness program" This number has been calling me for up to two times a day for the last two weeks.

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Received text from this number: "Still need help"

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Very rude when I asked why they were calling because they just kept asking me if I was 'so and so'. The rude b just hung up on me!

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Someone from this number keeps calling but does not say anything.

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Called saying I had a free trip? Then asked if I wanted to rent a car?! Who? What? No thank you.

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Someone text early this morning from 6315661654

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This person called me yesterday and today. I answered both times. Yesterday he ask for me and since I did not recoginize the number or the voice,I ask him who is calling and he hung up. Today when I answered I said hello and could hear noise on the phone, knowing that someone was there but they never said anything. I wonderif it is someone wanting to know if anybody is home. Anyway, it is annoying to have to stop what am doing to answer the phone and no one talk. I have too much to do than to be bothered with stupid people.

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i got a call from 201-212-4122 hackensack, nj. just asked me if I was the property manager. Called me by name....scares me

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Called, left no voicemail.

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Volt placement agency. I am a client. Not a complaint, but want you to be aware of their legitimacy.

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Called back, automated voice said Good Bye.

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Write a report...

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I get text msgs which say if I want to send any more msgs, it will cost me .25. Man, please! Scam somebody else.

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This is crazy- same thing happened calling from a blocked number saint I was given as a reference for my son who they cannot reach. This guy was so nice- Chris gonzalezI told him my son was overseas serving our country, he still waned me to disseminate the info to him.My son checked it out ... The same Audrey which could sound like lovely answered this number went one step further and checked his credit report and if there was any outstanding court summons- nada nothingShame on you... Shame shame on you... May you get genital wartsThis is pretty ****ty that people have found a way to deceive

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someone called said I had a loan from 3 yrs. ago,said they were goinging to supena for a company I had never herd of. when I told them I have already talked to county attorney they hung up--scam

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Said he was Dan from Call Referrals on a recorded line. Hung up before he could launch into his pitch.

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called me on 4/30/15, Man was rude. Wanted me to verify personal information about social, name and address. I am one has had their id stolen and I refused. This is when I was treated with police action. Tell me how you can threaten someone when you are not sure who it is. I blocked the number

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CL scammer

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Their practices are illegal under the FDCPA whether you owe a loan or not. Tell them that under federal and state laws you are not required to work with a third party collection agency, demand documentation through the US postal service (the only recognized delivery system as outlined under the FDCPA), tell them to have a good day, then block their number (s) (they have many in this age of VOIP.DO NOT OFFER THEM ANY MONEY!! If they do have the balls to contact your employer, deny any knowledge, tell your HR that they are breaking the law, and you can not control any of it as you do not have a physical address to send a C

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1-630-489-9130 a/k/a ricbealxx or ricbeal or supercarlos04 has me wire money to Nigeria to OSANYINTUYI OLUWASEUN ....I found out later this may be notorious scam artists R Beal and Precious Oluwaesen. Had me wire all 3 times to the same person. Then he made a mistake of calling me from this number and forgetting to block it,. I have been talking to him...same story as most since February. Please let me know if he sent the same pics to you. You can see my pics by looking up in google and seeing my posts to many scam sites.

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I don't appreciate this guy calling my girlfriend!

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I got a call from this number! They called me at work! I didn't answered but my boss did and got upset why they called at work! She gave a number to call back and so I did and the lady which name I think she said was "lovely" (what kind of joke is that!) she was so rude and she was threated me saying that They sent a summons to my residence and to my work place!! And that I needed to be present at the court and needed to wait for that document they had sent me! I was really mad because they didn't want to give more information!!! I called my lawyer and he said to be careful because that sounded like scam/fraud! And not to give any info if they call again! how can I report that number!!! I'm really upset they even called me at work!!! They just can't do that! Is there a way I can report the number for scam/fraud?

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no voice mail

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Getting calls again from this number

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Hey, I'm looking to meet new ppl and i seen u on fb and thought u were cute..txt me back.. 9142069116 (Text came from another number, though.)

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Offensive caller

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DIRECT TV called. no one talking on the other end but I could hear people in the back ground. If you ever had DIRECT TV and left them, they'll hound you for years, trying to get you back!

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I received an automation voice recorder on my cell phone from this number advising me to contact this number to avoid a lawsuit filed.

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As everyone else said: rang once and no message

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Write a report...

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I have gotten one phone call from this number and several other numbers also

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Says ' hey, let me know if u got this i wanted to play around on my new web cam:) text me back at my new number 9142069116

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